logo0000Ghana Rugby is the Rugby Family of Ghana on the West Coast of Africa.

The body responsible for the development and management of Rugby in Ghana is the Ghana Rugby Association (GRA) operating as the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU/Ghana Rugby), a sports association registered with the National Sports Authority (NSA) under the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and registered with the Ghana Registrar General’s Office as a not-for-profit entity on 11 March 2020 with Reg No. CG022652020.

The GRFU Secretariat is situated at 46 Okodan Road, Osu, Accra – the capital of Ghana.

The GRFU became a Full Member of World Rugby on 10 May 2017 and falls under the development region of Rugby Afrique as a Full Member.

The incumbent GRFU Board was elected by a Special General Meeting (SGM) on 04 February 2020 and is governed by the Constitution and the Code of Conduct of the GRFU. Ghana Rugby also conforms in all regards to World Rugby Bye-Laws, all Regulations and Laws of the Game.

Ghana Rugby Board, 4 February 2020

FRONT SITTING L TO R Mr Ben Nunoo Mensah (President of the Ghana Olympic Committee – Observer), Hon Perry Okudzeto (Deputy Minister, Youth and Sports – Observer), Mr Charles Yapo (Development Officer Rugby Africa – Observer), Mr Herbert Mensah (Newly elected President and Chairman of the Board).

BACK STANDING L TO R Mr Kobina Minta Nyarko (Elected Board Member), Ms Rafatu Inusah (Elected Board Member: Women’s Representative), Mr Chester Anie (Appointed Board Member: Judicial Affairs), Mr Abdul-Aziz Issah (Elected Board Member: Greater Accra Rugby Association – GARA), Mr Michael Ako Wilson (Elected Board Member: GRUPA Representative), Mrs Erica Amoako (Appointed Board Member: Corporate & Sponsorship Affairs), Mr Steve Noi (Appointed Board Member: Tournament Commissioner), Mr Bismark Amponsah (Elected Board Member and Appointed General Secretary), Mr James N.A. Nunoo (Elected Vice President and Elected Board Member: CentWest), Mr Rian Malan (Appointed Board Member: Treasurer and Corporate Communications).

The logo or emblem of the GRFU is as per the image above, and the National Senior Teams go by the name “The Ghana Eagles”, while the National Junior Teams are “The Ghana Eaglets”.

The GRFU is made up of Regional Associations and Clubs and other stakeholders and a detailed directory of stakeholder can be obtained here.

Activities of the GRFU is guided by:

The “Ghana Rugby Insights” document will be updated periodically and the June 2017 version can be accessed here:

Communication and publicity about Ghana Rugby is high on the agenda of the GRFU, and the following media channels are inter alia employed to reach out to all stakeholders: