“Get Into Rugby” Toolkits

Dear Ghana Rugby Supporter

Reach The Impressionable Youth of Ghana – A Ghana Rugby Sponsorship Opportunity

You are viewing this sponsorship opportunity because you are regarded as a Friend of Ghana Rugby and has shown interest in the past to support the development of the Game in Ghana.

Our Youth Development Programme that is based on the World Rugby “Get Into Rugby” (GIR) Model that will see a massive outreach of Ghana Rugby to schools over Ghana.

In order to enable us to do that we will require training and Rugby session toolkits for our Development Officers consisting of:

A – Encapsulated training manuals and skills drill exercises consisting of 90 pages for 30 development officers at a cost of GHS 4,050 for 30 sets.

B – GIR Toolkits consisting of balls, whistles, a ball pump, pump adaptors, cones, bibs, tag belts and tags at a cost of GHS 1,450 per kit.

Kindly see the attached file and images below.

We are inviting you to gain excellent exposure to the youth market linked with excellent media coverage by becoming a Ghana Rugby GIR sponsor.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you want to find out more about this opportunity. 

(Download File –  GIR Sponsorship Opportunities)