2017 Ghana Eagles Album

This is a legacy 56-page album about the Ghana Eagles of 2017 who won the 2017 Rugby Africa Regional Challenge between Benin, Ghana and Togo on 7 May of the year. It contains a message from the President, Group Photos, Signed profiles of all the Ghana Eagles, many images of the tournament with the values of Ghana Rugby, advice from the Ghana Eagles and much more.

It will only be produced on order and delivered on payment as follows:

Digital version (PDF File) GHS 45 / US$ 10 (will be emailed on receipt of payment)
Personalised version (PDF File) GHS 75 / US$ 20 (will be emailed on receipt of payment)
Printed version (spiral bound with clear cover and hard back) GHS 150 / US$ 35 (excluding shipping)

Funds received from this project will go towards the Ghana Eagles Performance Fund

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