scrumIT Cleanup

Ghana Rugby is currently in process of undergoing a major cleanup exercise of its player database in order to get the data in it (a) complete, and (b) correct.

The following provides guidelines on what Clubs should look out for.

Player Confirmation – Let them help


Your player(s) will receive a Registration Form similar to this via email. They can then check all the detail, fill in corrections and email or bring the form back to you with a copy of their passport.

This signed Registration Form should also be filed under the player’s record on scrumIT in the documents section.

First & Last Names

If a name was entered incorrectly, Clubs can’t change or correct it for security reasons. It is, therefore, essential that the right source document is obtained when new players are registered. New players must complete and sign a new Player Registration Form and this signed form must also be filed on scrumIT in the player’s record in the document section.

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Date of Birth

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Player Profile Pictures

Email Addresses

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Documents & Certificates

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Documents that must be uploaded in the player’s record under the “Document” section include:

  • Signed Registration Form
  • Player Passport
  • Player Contract
  • Player Qualifications, both Course Certificates and World Rugby Passport Certificates
  • Proof of Residency (Foreign players who qualify to play for Ghana)

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