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The World Rugby Get Into Rugby Programme is part of the IRB strategy to grow the Game globally in partnership with our member Regions and Unions. The programme is a central part of the World Rugby  initiative to grow Rugby as we rejoined the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

The aim of the programme is to encourage players of all ages to Try, Play and Stay in Rugby. Get Into Rugby will promote the values of the Game and ensure children are encouraged to try Rugby in a safe and progressive environment.

The key stages of the programme are:

Try (Modules 1 – 4)

The initial phase of the programme will be to get children to TRY Rugby in clubs, schools and local communities in order to learn and experience the values, passion, principles and skills of Rugby. This will be supported by trained coaches, teachers and leaders. There are free to use games for teachers and coaches to use.

The Try phase of the programme is designed to consist entirely of non-contact Rugby.

Play (Modules 5 – 8)

In the next phase, players will progress to PLAY the Game in a safe, fun environment – in leagues, festival events and programmes, after an initial training period. Once more, there are free to use games for teachers and coaches to use.

In the Play phase, contact is introduced for the first time in a safe and progressive manner so that players gradually learn the skills needed to play contact Rugby.

Stay (7-a-side Rugby to 10-a-side Rugby to 12-a-side Rugby to 15-a-side Rugby)

The focus of the STAY stage will be to support players to progress and stay in Rugby as a player, coach, referee, administrator, volunteer or fan in joining teams, clubs, communities and national Unions.

Delivery of Get Into Rugby

The three phases of the programme should only be delivered by World Rugby or Union educated coaches, teachers or development officers.

All coaches and teachers delivering the Get Into Rugby programme must have completed both the free online World Rugby Rugby Ready course and also the short World Rugby Get Into Rugby training course run by an World Rugby-trained Course Leader.

On completion of the training course, the IRB-trained Course Leader will supply teachers and coaches with a certificate of completion.

World Rugby Rugby Ready course

Because of the physical contact in Rugby, all coaches and teachers delivering any part of the Get Into Rugby programme must complete the free online IRB Rugby Ready course. This is an essential requirement as the Rugby Ready programme is intended to raise awareness of good practice and help stakeholders manage the inherent risks of a contact sport by putting appropriate safeguards in place.

The Rugby Ready website is a powerful online resource that you can register to use for free. You can use the site to build, refresh and test your knowledge of the physical aspects of the Game.

The self-assessment programme comprises 18 good-practice modules covering:

  • Match preparation and physical conditioning
  • Correct technique
  • Injury prevention and management

After completing the online World Rugby Ready exam, you can download your personalised awareness certificate. Registration is free and takes only a few minutes. The Rugby Ready website can be accessed here.

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