“Change Your World”

A Ghana Rugby Development Initiative

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The initiative was launched to the Board of Ghana Rugby on 14 May 2020 as follows.

13 May 2020
Ghana Rugby Board

Dear Board

Ghana Rugby “Change Your World” Initiative

As briefly touched on today the Ghana Rugby “Change Your World” Initiative will soon be ready for your insight and comments after which it will be launched to the Ghana Rugby Family and announced publicly.

The initiative flows from the COVID-19 Initiative where we asked everybody to:
– Stay fit, and
– Educate yourself

Nothing has changed and the above requests stand. 

We have, however, had time to reflect on the role of the Board in leading our players and officials to not only become better at rugby but to become better persons.

In terms of our players, especially our Eagles, the time will come when their rugby-playing days are over and when they have to move on with life. The question that came up was, “How can we support them with that quest?”

We have also found that there are players who need to acquire basic life skills in order to function properly with the rugby setup, but also within society.

As an example, we realised that Richard Borchi needs to master English and we have made arrangements that he takes lessons at the Secretariat with the support from our General Secretary.

There are, however, other skills and knowledge that may assist people to either become better at what they are doing or to get prepared for what they may plan to do.

We have, therefore, embarked on a programme to identify learning opportunities from credible institutions.

As an example, the following free IOC short courses/lessons as part of their “Athlete 365 Programme” were identified:

  • IOC – Professional Sport Management
  • IOC – Career Transition: Preparing for Future Success – Certificate
  • IOC – Career Transition: Life after Sport
  • IOC – Sports Psychology: Getting in the Zone
  • IOC – Athlete365 Business Accelerator
  • IOC – Sports Coaching: How effective are you?
  • IOC – Sport Event Management
  • IOC – Recover Quicker, Perform Better
  • IOC – Faster, Higher, Stronger
  • IOC – The Measure of Success
  • IOC – Sponsorship – Supporting Your Career
  • IOC – Business Start-Up: From Idea to Launch

There are many more that can be added.

We will spend this week to ‘package’ the Ghana Rugby “Change Your World” Initiative in a format that will be easy for the Rugby Family to understand and use.

To kick it off internally we would like every Board Member to complete a free management lesson by Harvard that is very relevant to the times we live in. The lesson can be found in the “Change Your World” Course sheet that is attached hereto.

What we need you to do is to complete the lesson and to revert on the Board Group with two responses, namely:

  1. What is the most important lesson that you have taken learned, and
  2. Given current circumstances, how are you going to apply that lesson in your work (rugby or otherwise) environment within the next week?

Yours truly,

HM Signature.png

Herbert Mensah
President: Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU)

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