Club Fundraising Plan Template

Dear Ghana Rugby Stakeholders

Ghana Rugby Club Fundraising Plan Template

The 2020 Ghana Rugby Stakeholder Congress (GRSC) was successfully completed on 22 February 2020 with representatives from our Rugby Bodies in attendance.

The theme of the GRSC was “Money”  – how do we fund ourselves?

There were a number of suggestions from the four groups that deliberated the four questions put to the GRSC and one thing is clear – we all have to stand up and be counted!

The “Ghana Rugby Club Fundraising Plan Template” below is one of the products that followed from the GRSC. In it you will also find a wealth of references that can be studied to give you further ideas and guidance.

We hope our Regional Associations will take that essential first step to request all their Members, our Clubs, to appoint a Fundraising Committee and to put together a “Club Fundraising Plan “, and of course to do the same for the Regional Association.

Yours truly,

Herbert Mensah
President: Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU)

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