Ghana Rugby Code of Cunduct

Rugby Africa recently issued a “Code of Conduct & Ethics” that was adopted and adapted for Ghana Rugby.

Can we please make sure that we as the Rugby Family in Ghana abide by this Code.


The Ghana Rugby Code of Conduct (“Code”) has been introduced to achieve several objectives. These include the following:

  • To ensure that the policy and decision-making procedures of Ghana Rugby and its affiliated & associated Unions and Rugby Bodies continue to be implemented professionally, in an objective, transparent and accountable manner;
  • To reaffirm the commitment and obligation of Members of Council, the Executive Committee, Ghana Rugby member unions and their representatives, other Ghana Rugby Committee Members, Ghana Rugby Bodies, agents, consultants and advisors to act in the best interests of Ghana Rugby in accordance with Ghana Rugby’s objectives and policy and not their own interests or the interests of a particular Union or Unions;
  • To implement a standard policy for the identification, declaration, registration and management of Conflicts of Interest;
  • To provide a further deterrent against conduct, behaviour or practices that are prejudicial to the interests of Ghana Rugby and/or the game.


All Members of the Council, Executive Committee, Members of any other Ghana Rugby Committee (standing or otherwise), Ghana Rugby Regional Associations, Unions, Ghana Rugby Bodies (as may be appropriate), agents, consultants and advisors to Ghana Rugby (“Covered Persons”) are bound by and required to comply with the provisions of the Code.


Covered persons hereby undertake:

  • To act in the best interests of Ghana Rugby at all times and to take all steps to assist Ghana Rugby in achieving its objectives and the effective implementation of Ghana Rugby policy;
  • Not to engage in any conduct, behaviour or practice(s) including, without limitation, making statements that may be prejudicial to the interests of Ghana Rugby or any other Person, administrator, official or Member Union of Ghana Rugby or any commercial partner of the game;
  • Not to engage in any conduct, behaviour or practice(s) which may bring Ghana Rugby, the game or any other Person, administrator, official or Member Union or any commercial partner of the game into disrepute;
  • At all times to conduct themselves in a professional manner commensurate with their position within Ghana Rugby structure and/or their relationship with Ghana Rugby;
  • Not to disclose information entrusted to them in confidence or obtained as a result of their position and/or their connection with Ghana Rugby and/or the game;
  • Not to disclose information in a way that may damage the reputation of Ghana Rugby or any Person, administrator, officer or Member Union, or the game and/or any commercial partner of the game;
  • Not to commit or be responsible for and/or party to any form of discrimination including, without limitation, on the basis of race, sex, ethnic origin, religion, philosophical or political opinion or other grounds;
  • Not to do anything which is likely to intimidate, offend, insult or humiliate any person on the grounds of their religion, race, colour or ethnic origin;
  • Not to harass any person on any grounds be it physical, mental, professional or sexual;
  • To act with due care and diligence in the discharge of their functions for and on behalf of Ghana Rugby;
  • Not use their position and/or any knowledge or information obtained therefrom for personal and/or other gain/benefit;
  • Not accept hospitality, either personally or for persons accompanying them, whether relatives or otherwise, that is excessive and/or exceeds the standards prevailing in the country concerned;
  • Not to accept gifts other than gifts of nominal value in accordance with prevailing local customs (which may be given or accepted as a mark of respect or friendship);
  • Not to give gifts or favours of any kind where this might appear designed to improperly influence others; and
  • Generally, not to accept goods or services which are intended to, or which may influence or affect judgement in the conduct of Ghana Rugby affairs.
  • Any case of alleged misconduct or breach of ethics would be examined by the judicial and disciplinary committee and possible sanctions may range from a warning to suspension.

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