CAR Press Release – General Meeting

The Confederation of African Rugby will host its General Meeting at the French Rugby Federation’s National Center for Rugby in Marcoussis.

CAR has relocated its General Meeting to Marcoussis in France. The meeting was initially intended to take place in Dakar, Senegal. However based on strong recommendations from the International Rugby Board and the French Foreign Affairs Ministry following forecasts of Ebola surge, it was decided to change the venue although Senegal is currently not affected by the disease.

As a precaution and so as to avoid any Ebola related risk, the CAR Executive Committee has chosen to host its General Meeting in Marcoussis with the permission of the IRB. CAR wishes to thank the French Rugby Federation (FFR) for welcoming us and a special word of gratitude goes to its Chairman Mr Pierre Camou.

Thus FFR is confirming the strong bounds between France and the 35 member unions of CAR.

The General meeting will take place on the 13th of December 2014 following a full day of 3 workshops on the 12th focusing on best governance practices, Get Into Rugby program and CAR competitions. Before that, the CAR Executive Committee will convene for its last meeting in this term.

This will be an elective General Meeting and all the positions in the Executive Committee are up for renewal.

 Janick Barthès

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