Ghana Rugby Website
This is an update on what resources are available from the Ghana Rugby website FYI and comments / suggestions.

Section summing up what Ghana Rugby is all about with links to key documents or sections
Overview of key plans – Strategic Plan, Development Plan, Operational Plan

About > Ghana Rugby Plans > Strategic Plan
Slide presentation of 67 page Strategic Plan

About > Ghana Rugby Plans > Development Plan
Slide presentation of 4167 page Development Plan

Page with links to documents and resources, including on 11 March 2013 the following:

Ghana Rugby

  • Constitution
  • GRFU Regulation 0 – Definitions
  • GRFU Regulation 1 – Adult Male Player Registration
  • GRFU Regulation 2 – Adult Competitions (Under review 13 February 2017 – 28 February 2017)
  • GRFU Regulation 3 – Membership of GRFU
  • GRFU Policy – Under 18s Playing Adult Rugby
  • GRFU Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance


  • GRFU Match Report Form
  • Free Agent Transfer Request Declaration
  • GRFU Reportable Injury Form
  • Player Registration Form (scrumIT)
  • Project Proposal Form

World Rugby

  • Rugby Ready – From World Rugby Site
  • World Rugby Laws 2017 – From World Rugby Site
  • Pocket CONCUSSION RECOGNITION TOOL™ – From World Rugby. Site Also available here Pocket Concussion Tool
  • Example Nutritional Plan Also available from World Rugby website

Overview of scrumIT Rugby Management with download link for a Player Registration form.

About > scrumIT Rugby Management > scrumIT Cleanup
Page guiding Clubs on how to clean up scrumIT and to ensure that it stays “clean” with correct new player registrations.

About > Intranet
This is a password protected section for use of GRFU Administrators

This page summarises actions on the table and gets updated weekly.

This page contains links to GRFU documents including:
  • Backups
  • Player Database
  • Coaching & T&E Certificates
  • 6 Session Diaries
  • Disciplinary Rulings
  • Flags
  • Financial Statements
  • Get Into Rugby (GIR)
  • Minutes of Meetings & Board Resolutions
  • Press Releases
  • Proposals
  • Sponsor Logos
  • Sponsorship Presentations
  • Tournaments
  • World Rugby Membership Application
  • World Rugby Reports & Submissions
  • Monthly Ghana Rugby Reports
  • Monthly Ghana Rugby GIR Reports

This page contains critical information that a new administration will need when they take over and contains (11 March 2017) the following:
  • Notice of Changes
  • Bank
  • Channels
  • Key Contact Information
  • Training & Education Database
  • Account Access Detail

This page contains a summary of Associations and Clubs with links to each Club’s Page

A page with links to GRCC detail of the different years

Links to pages about Ghana Rugby’s international participation

A presentation on the upcoming hosting of the Africa Cup 1D – West 1

Information about players who represented Ghana at international level

An overview of Ghana Rugby Development programmes

Development > Laws Of The Game

– Laws of the Game Rugby Union (Download)
– Touch Rugby (Download)
– Beach Touch Rugby (Download)

Development > Get Into Rugby
An overview of the GIR Programme with (at this stage) resource links to:
– GIR Session Planner
Development > Get Into Rugby > GIR Reporting Guidelines

DevelopmentTraining and Education
At this stage information on the just ended First Aid Course

Development > Training and Education > T&E Qualification Directory
Links to the T&E Qualifications and Passport Certificates as saved on Facebook

A page on how the Rugby Family can get involved with a link to the “I Love Ghana Rugby” website (detail to follow)

A page where Ghana Rugby Star Awards will be published

Take Part > Ghana Rugby Star Awards > Star Award Nominations
A page where nominations can be done for Star Awards

A page with various way to contact Ghana Rugby